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Netherthorpe School



School Closure before the start of the school day

• The school will contact the school bus contractor- Johnson Bros, to determine if they are able to
• The Head will make a decision before 7.15am as to whether the school will close or the start will be
delayed. This will be based on transport and whether the site is safe for students and staff.
• This information will be posted on the schools website and Derbyshire County Council website.
Local radio stations will use the DCC website for updates.
• A text and email will also be sent out to all parents advising them to check the website for updates. We will also post the closure or delay on our Twitter account.

School closure during the school day

1. The school will contact Johnsons Bus Company to determine if they are able to collect students at an earlier time.
2. The Head will notify all staff and our phone system will inform all callers that “we are in the process of closing the school”.
3. Students will remain in class and teachers will follow our protocol to ensure all students can be dismissed safely from school.
Students will be registered and we will ask students to contact home if they have the means to do so.
Students will not be allowed to leave site without permission from a parent/carer.
If students cannot receive texts, they will be allowed to put phones on loudspeaker so we can ask parent/carers for permission to release them. Any student without a phone or unable to contact a parent/carer should remain in class and not be allowed home with friends unless given permission.
Permissions will recorded in our Management Information System and once we have permissions, students will be released.
If a student cannot get home safely and do not have permissions to leave, they will be supervised in school until they can safely leave.

We politely ask that parent/carers do not contact the school or come to collect prior to the closure decision if possible, as we do not have the capacity to get messages to individual students at this time.

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