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Netherthorpe School Rewards

  • Rewards help to build a confident, positive ‘can-do’ ethos and will bring clear benefits to pupils inside and outside the classroom.
  • They help to celebrate and validate achievement, service and effort.
  • They are an important motivator and are a way of recognising the majority of hard working, willing pupils.
  • Just like the consequence system, rewards can be given for anything seen round school as well as positives in lessons.

Reward Cards

  • Students in each year group will be issued with a reward card with space for 20 signatures at the start of each term by their tutor.
  • In lessons they can collect signatures or stamps from teachers based on a tariff shown below.
  • Once they have completed the reward card they can exchange it for a new one at the office during break or lunchtime.
  • For every completed reward card submitted to the office, students will be entered into a termly prize draw (2 terms for Y11+13). These will be drawn in the final assembly of each term and there will be high value prizes at this point which will be promoted throughout the term to the students.

Number of Signatures/Stamps

Example Reasons

Can be issued by / frequency


  • Good piece of homework / good effort through the lesson / all tasks complete.
  • Attending an Extracurricular activity / Revision class.
  • 100% attendance across the week.

All staff – Several students each lesson


  • Outstanding piece of homework (above and beyond) / outstanding contribution to lesson (answer questions and outstanding work) / all tasks complete and most extension tasks.
  • Sports team success e.g. winning a tournament.
  • Helpful around school e.g. picking up litter without being asked.

All staff – A couple of students each lesson


  • As above but amplified e.g. good longer piece of work/project/ assessment, sustained effort or improvement over a number of lessons.
  • Excellent set of behaviour reports to Form Tutor/ Head of Section / SLT

All staff- A couple of students every 5 to 6 lessons


  • Staff to nominate students to Heads of Department or Heads of Section for outstanding work.
  • Attendance awards (100% per term).
  • Participation in a school event e.g. assembly, drama, concert.
  • Contribution to sport e.g. Sports leader, DofE success, success out of school, charity work.
  • Success outside of school such as Music Grade 8 / Black belts etc.
  • Bravery, courage, overcoming adversity.

SLT, Heads of Department and Heads of Section – As required.

Celebration assemblies

At the end of each term we will celebrate the success of many students who have outstanding attendance and those who show excellent hard work, dedication and/or contribution to school life. Reward card prize draws will also take place.


Rewards trips and activities

Every term there will be a focus for students beyond the classroom rewards e.g. Attendance of 98% or better. Students that meet the criteria will be allowed to take part in an activity or trip, or be given preferential access to things such as activity day. These will be announced to students at the start of the year and reminded throughout.


Annual Celebration events

Years 7-10 hold a morning or afternoon at the end of the year to celebrate the achievement of many individuals who have won prizes for things such as hard work and effort in all subject areas, outstanding attendance and contribution to school life. Parents are invited into school for this in Year 9. This will include a final prize draw for reward cards with an extra special prize available.

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