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Netherthorpe School – School Uniform – Years 7-13

Below are the school uniform and PE kit requirements. The school supplier for skirts and PE kits is currently Gogna,

Uniform Item

Standards - details

Clarifying standards

Black Blazer with House Badge

The blazer should be worn at all times unless instructed or given permission to remove by a member of staff.

Blazers may be removed in hot weather at breaks and lunchtimes, but if so shirt and tie is the proper wear not jumper.

School Clip–On Tie

Must be worn at all times unless instructed by a member of staff to remove.

Sixth form tie for post 16 students.



White – with collar. Must be tucked in.

Fitted blouses designed to be worn outside trousers are not acceptable.


Plain black school trousers matching those available from the school supplier – see website for clarification.

No jeans, brushed denim, patch pockets, hipsters, lycra, jeggings, leggings, drainpipe trousers. No trousers with zips or slits down the side, tracksuit bottoms or jogging bottoms.


Straight black or pleated – approximately knee length with school logo.

(Must be purchased from the school supplier).

No frills, ruffles, or lycra.


Plain black.

No large buckles.

Jumper - optional

Black V-necked. Must be worn under the blazer and not instead of a blazer.

Not with collars or polo necks, no sweatshirts, no hoodies, no cardigans.


Plain – natural or black.



Plain all black hard wearing school shoes or black ankle boots offering suitable protection in laboratories or workshops.

Maximum heel height 2” or 5cm

No sandals, stiletto heels, trainers or sports makes with coloured logos on, canvas plimsolls. No long boots, UGG style or Dr Martens’ boots
Trousers should not be tucked into boots. Extreme styles of boots are prohibited.

Outdoor Coat

Must be suitable to wear over a blazer. Should be suitable for cold and/or wet weather.

No denim jackets, hoodies, leather or leather look, denim, logos  or track suit tops. Nothing made of sweatshirt material.

Accessories: Scarves



May only be worn with an outdoor coat.


No hats may be worn around the school.


Jewellery *

Should a student need to wear jewellery for religious or medical reasons parents must seek permission by way of a letter to the Governing Body via the Headteacher.

For health and safety reasons it is recommended that jewellery is kept to a minimum and it may have to be removed for practical lessons.

Earrings are limited to one small pair of studs. iwatches are not recommended and will be confiscated if used to communicate during school hours.

Any other form of piercing

–ear bars, lips, noses, tongues, navels etc are not acceptable.

No ear bars or spacers.


Hair should be a natural colour and the style should be appropriate to a business-like, working environment.

No tramlines, patterned styles or dual colours.

Aerosols/Hair spray

Should not be brought into school.



Light make-up is permitted

No nail extensions and nail varnish should be a subtle colour.


No visible tattoos allowed


* All jewellery must be removed for PE lessons.

**School will not be liable for loss or damage to any jewellery, if students choose to wear it they are responsible for it.

Clothing for Physical Education

Black shorts with embroidered school badge.

Black and green polo shirt with embroidered school badge.

Black football socks with ‘Netherthorpe’ embroidered on  side.

BOYS - Black and green reversible rugby shirt with embroidered school badge or plain black sweatshirt
GIRLS - Black and green half zip sweatshirt with embroidered school badge or plain black sweatshirt

Plain black leggings can be worn underneath shorts

Studded sports boots.

Trainers. No canvas plimsolls or converse  trainers.

Shin pads (recommended for Football)

Gum shield (recommended for Rugby)

All jewellery must be removed for PE lessons.









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